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Damn it, she was in such a need to get off! This bossy MILF was yearning to rub off the sexual tension, and in fact this was exactly what she was doing when one of her employees suddenly came in. It was too late to stop, and soon she was sucking away at his massive dripping dick. They kept fucking like rabbits when another guy entered the room. Chemistry started working between the men and pretty soon they were eating each other's asses and cocks. One thing led to another and there was their boss, exhausted and drenched in cum.
Boss and some bi action
Format: MP4 Video
Length 26:02 Resolution: 1152x864

New episode

New episode
Format: MP4 Video
Length 27:12 Resolution: 1152x864

  Jungle Love for Two Guys and a Girl  

In the middle of a heavily wooded forest two guys and a girl have found a quiet spot to have a threesome. The girl begins on her knees, sucking two dicks at once with her talented mouth. Once they’re hard the guys turn to each other. One of them bends over, spreads his cheeks, and allows his ass to be penetrated. The camera holds a close up shot and it’s utterly amazing. The girl gets a taste of the action by fucking one of the studs with a strapon cock before watching them pound each other again.
Another gay pair, Luke and Brandon, was paid a visit from the immigration authorities. They were just about to leave the place when a luxurious blonde came in asking lots of questions. She was so intruding that she even asked them to actually show her how they fucked. The guys looked at each other, stripped and started to suck off. The lady seemed to grow excited and soon joined them, offering her awesome tits and warm tight puss for a fuck. In a while she got all possible proofs she couldn’t even expect to get.
One more check-up
Format: MP4 Video
Length 19:47 Resolution: 1152x864

New episode

New episode
Format: MP4 Video
Length 28:29 Resolution: 1152x864

  Sexy strap-on fuck  

When there’s a strap-on cock involved in a threesome you know the guys are bisexual. Of course, if a hot chick like this asked you to sit on her plastic dick you probably wouldn’t turn her down either. She gives it to one of the guys doggy style and then has him sit on her pole so he can control how deeply she penetrates him. The guys also fuck each other and the girl, ensuring that everyone in this scene has a cock inside him/her at one point. I like it when the girl has a cock in her mouth and is fucking one of the guys.
A gorgeous brunette in pigtails is on her stomach in bed getting a sensual rubdown. Her moans are loud enough to arouse the suspicions of her roommate who walks into the room with a hard cock and no clothes on. She’s such a cock loving slut that she invites him over to the bed and begins sucking his dick. The masseuse eventually gives up his task and rolls her over so that he can fuck her tight pussy. After enjoying her sexy body the guys turn to each other and a torrid ass fucking ensues.
A beautiful bi three way
Format: MP4 Video
Length 18:01 Resolution: 1152x864

New episode

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